How to Define a User’s Privileges

Define a User’s Privileges

Privileges determine how a user is able to interact with the database. For example, privileges will dictate whether or not the user can add and delete information.

Assign Privileges to Database User
  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Under Databases, click MySQL Databases.
  3. Under Add User to Database, select a user from the User drop-down menu.
  4. From the Database drop-down menu, select the database to which you wish to allow the user access.
  5. Click Add.
  6. From the MySQL Account Maintenance screen, select the privileges you wish to grant the user, or select ALL PRIVILEGES.

  7. Click Make Changes.
Unassign a User from a Database
  1. Navigate to the Current Databases section of MySQL Databases.
  2. Locate the database you wish to modify.
  3. In the Users column for that database, click the X next to the user you wish to delete. (You can see an example of this table by clicking here.)

Using the Database

Now that you can create databases and users and assign appropriate privileges, you can use the following articles as a reference to editing and connecting to your databases: